Adventure Yachts

Our business idea

As a client of Adventure Yachts, you will have a major influence on the production of your yacht, and you will be part of the design process from the very beginning. You will be working with a team of experts who will guide and assist you towards creating the perfect yacht for you. The layout and design of the interior, the cockpit and deck set-up, and rigging size and type are all factors that you can change around to fit your requirements, and you will therefore get a yacht that is totally custom made for you. Your future Adventure Yacht will be unique.

100_0563Our business concept is to produce tailor-made cruising yachts in a strong aluminium design. The yachts are fast and competitive as racers, and are highly technologically advanced with several layers of safety systems. Even when they are sailed short-handed and in tough conditions, Adventure Yachts are easy to sail and safe for the crew.

The interior is modern and elegant with all the necessities and luxury that is needed to stay on board for a longer cruise or crossing.

Collaborating with selected partners

We are collaborating with a few specially selected partners, all chosen for their high level of expertise in their respective profession. The construction and production process of the yachts is made together with Berkemeyer Yacht Design. The hull is assembled and welded together in a shipyard specialised in aluminium welding. Electrical systems, paint, varnishing etc. is in yet another yard specialised in these areas. The rigging is normally produced by Seldén, one of the leading rigging companies in the world. The interior design is crafted by a very well reputed Swedish boat carpentry factory.

Certification and CE-registration is done by International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI).

Our aim is always to use equipment from large, well established and well know manufacturers who operate on a global scale, so that regardless where the yacht is located, a place of service will always be nearby.

As your yacht is being produced, Adventure Yachts will be managing and leading the whole operation, and act as the main contact point for you as a customer.